A Short Background Of The Arowana Fish

The Arowana is an older fish going back to the Jurassic age which is approximately in between 150-200 million years back. The center Jurassic age was referred to as “the Age of Reptiles” or dinosaurs as we understand them, so this provides some sign of exactly how old this fish in fact is.

Without this moment the ho ca rong dep fish itself has actually continued to be nearly the very same making the Arowana fish we see in or pet dog shops today a living fossil.

A whole lot of individuals either have or would certainly such as an arowana for a family pet however they do not understand or know that this fish has actually come to be threatened. The supplies of Arowana have actually ended up being really reduced over the last 50 years.

An arowana in the best atmosphere could expand to a dimension of around 4 foot and could consider in between 25-35 extra pounds. In the Amazon they could be seen jumping from the water to capture bugs or tiny birds in reduced laying branches.

In the wild arowanas traveling, search and battle in teams the man and women arowanas operate in unity to safeguard their location and family members team. To safeguard they nip, attack, body put and fee at whatever place them over alert in there have area.

In China the arowana is referred to as an icon of riches, good luck, stamina and power in ho ca rong dep circles and is typically described as the gold dragon fish. This way the Asian arowana has actually ended up being costly and very collectible.

Ideally this will lose some light on the secret and buzz that borders this old reproduced of fish referred to as the arowana and with any luck will advertise a rate of interest in you to check out this excellent fish.

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